Our World: A First Book of Geography

Publisher: Phaidon

The earth has so many places to explore: forests, jungles, deserts, tundra, oceans, mountains and valleys. In this utterly lovely and original fold-around board book, readers can create a globe by fanning out the rounded pages, which would make a great display in itself, as well as reading the poetic text that runs through the pages.

Alternatively, each section includes a factual overview of the relevant global feature, be it facts about clouds, rain, rivers or the continents. For instance, the section on deserts tells young readers about camels that can go for a week without water, and some plants that grow extra-long roots to reach water far underground.

Lisk Feng’s classic, almost 50s style illustration makes for a beautiful, nostalgic-feeling book-object that will delight younger primary school readers and help introduce them to the idea of geography and differing environments for the first time.

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