Ottoline at Sea

Publisher: Macmillan's Children's Books

Ottoline is in the midst of planning a holiday somewhere warm and dry for her and her Mr Munroe, when he mysteriously disappears. Little does she know that he is following a set of strange markings, all the way to his native Norway. Worried about her best friend, Ottoline and the bear who lives in her house decide to take a trip across the seas to find him. In a submarine, plane, and raft, the pair meet adventurers of all types on their trip.

Meanwhile, in a series of intriguing illustrations, the reader can see Mr Munroe's adventure unfolding. Wearing the Bog Goggles from Ottoline's parent's collection he is following the signs which lead towards Quite Big Foot, the Abominable Troll, an infamous creature tracked by many, including Ottoline's parents.

When the friends are finally reunited they are surprised to find that Quite Big Foot is far from the frightening monster everyone believes him to be and they must find away to help him hide from prying eyes. Riddel's trademark illustrations and imaginative creatures come to life in Ottoline's latest adventure.

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