One House for All

Publisher: Book Island

Crayfish, Horse and Raven are best friends and often spend time chatting together under a tall tree in a green meadow on a river bank. Now they are grown up, they are ready to get married and have children. Keen not to lose their friendship, they decide to build a big house where they and their families can all live together.

However, as they start to design their house, it becomes clear that they all have very different requirements: Crayfish needs an underwater home for his family; Horse dreams of a living room full of juicy grass; while Raven imagines luxurious treetop bedrooms. Can they use their resourcefulness to find a home that suits them all?

The distinctive watercolour illustrations add charm to this simple tale of friendship, which demonstrates that with a bit of thought and determination, it is possible to overcome obstacles and find a solution that works for all. 

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