One Chance Dance

Publisher: Chicken House

Jomi lives in a poor village in Nigeria with an aunt who is unkind. He remembers the day his mother left: she promised to write but no letters ever arrived. On discovering that his aunt has been lying to him for years, he is so angry that he stows away on a lorry bound for Lagos and goes in search of his mother and his destiny.

But with no money, no food, no water and absolutely no idea where to start, surely he is doomed to failure?

This is a magical, thrilling, coming-of-age adventure in which readers will experience Jomi’s highs and lows alongside him. And they’ll be willing him on as he and a mis-matched group of homeless kids (one of whom communicates using sign language) hatch a plan to reunite him with his mum.

Acknowledging that life on the streets is a reality for too many Nigerian youngsters, Jomi’s story also shines a light on those who are working to change things.

Vivid descriptions leap off the page and the writing vibrates with the same energy as the city of Lagos itself. This is a stunning, joyful book about poverty, friendship, serendipity and forging your own destiny.

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