On Silver Tides

Publisher: Andersen Press

Very few land-dwellers know the real reason for the mistrust that exists between them and those who make their homes on the water.  

But the water-dwellers, the silvermen, have a secret. They are amphibious humans; they can swim like fish and breathe underwater through their skin. Kelda’s little sister Isla, however, is differentWhen, as the Lore dictates, she was thrown into the river at seven days old, she couldn’t breathe and almost died.  

Since then, the family has protected Isla’s secret because her very existence is a crime. Now, the river is sickening, survival is becoming harder, and Isla could be blamed.  

When a dreadful betrayal happens, Kelda and Isla must go on the run, but the whole family is in danger and their love for Isla is so great they are willing to brave terrible ordeals, unspeakable monsters and even death to save her. 

This stunning and original fantasy adventure explores the traditions and ancient wisdom by which a marginalised community live their lives and encourages readers to think about whether certain beliefs should be challenged. It also asks what we would be prepared to do for those we love. 

A cracking thriller with an underlying ecological message. 

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