Ollie Spark and the Accidental Adventure

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Ollie Spark is a skilled engineer and his family rely on him to fix, design or make all manner of gadgets. He cleverly transforms a clapped-out old van into a stylish and functional mobile home for his Aunt Caz. Eager to travel the world to research her new series of spy books, Aunt Caz zooms off, completely unaware that Ollie is trapped in the boot.

They eventually stop in a mysterious land, which is covered in a thick blanket of smog, and Aunt Caz is promptly kidnapped. Ollie bravely embarks on a rescue mission, but there are many uncertainties: why are turnips the only food on offer; who lives in the tall towers which rise majestically above the smog; and should the enigmatic People of the Leaf be feared or trusted?

This entertaining chapter book is full of intrigue and humour. Ollie is a likable, unassuming character, who approaches every task with determination, resourcefulness and courage. Lively black-and-white drawings will help readers to visualise the unusual landscape and imaginative characters, including Ollie’s new buddy, Gasket the dog. Underlying themes of combatting pollution and collectively caring for the environment run throughout this inventive tale.

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