Oliver Twisted

Publisher: Electric Monkey

'Can I have some gore?' Oliver Twist is given a supernatural spin in this vivid reimagining of Dickens’ novel.

Here, Oliver inhabits a sinister world in which vampyres prey on the defenceless, orphans are sacrificed to hungry gods, and the rich feed on the blood of children. Taking the advice of a corpse, Oliver heads for the murky streets of London in search of his destiny – but a narrow escape from zombies in a graveyard leads him to fall into the power of evil soul-stealer Fagin and the menacing werewolf Bill Sikes.

Grisly and gory, Oliver Twisted is sure to delight readers with a taste for the grotesque, whilst those familiar with the original story will enjoy J.D. Sharpe’s imaginative, irreverent and witty riff on a much-loved classic.

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