Oi Duck-Billed Platypus

Publisher: Hodder

Frog, who is usually master of words, is stuck over what rhymes with duck-billed platypus. Cat and Dog are no help at all and his day gets worse when even MORE animals appear, demanding a rhyme for their names, too.

Finally, cunning Frog has a eureka moment and uses everyone’s first names instead. Rhymes rattle off his tongue and Kate the kookaburra sits upon a gate, Paul the penguin perches on a wall and so on. Everyone is happy, except one animal...

The latest book in the Oi Frog! series sees the return of our favourite characters who are cheeky, adorable and ever so clever. Kes Gray and Jim Field’s creation is more than a fantastically funny story – it’s a book that will encourage talk, play, rhyme and laughter for everyone in the family. Younger readers will love hearing the story and older ones will enjoy the challenge of trickier vocabulary in the book.

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