Of Lions and Unicorns

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

A variety of short stories and extracts from Michael Morpurgo, 'The Nation’s Favourite Storyteller’ are collected in this lovely gift edition. Divided into five sections that cover the writer's major themes - memories, animals, war, the sea and famous tales retold - this book is a real box of delights, tempting readers to dip in time and time again. 

Extracts from his most famous novels including The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, The Butterfly Lion, War Horse and Kensuke’s Kingdom are all present to offer new fans ideas for further exploration. Each section includes a full page illustration from his impressive list of collaborators including Peter Bailey, Michael Foreman, Quentin Blake, Christina Birmingham and Emma Chichester Clark. The individual page symbols for each story are a particularly delightful detail.

Morpurgo remains a very important writer in the landscape of children's literature: his sensitive style and traditional approach to storytelling continue to win over young fans. This solid collection is certain to be treasured, adding a wealth of stories to any bookshelf.

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