Octopus Shocktopus!

Publisher: Nosy Crow

One day, a huge pink octopus appears on the roof of Mrs Antrobus’ house, and despite the fire brigade’s best efforts, it seems that it’s there to stay. Yet, when the local children challenge it to a game of football, the octopus is an enthusiastic player – as well as being a brilliant slide and rollercoaster. In fact, the octopus turns out to be a huge help through the whole year – clearing snow from driveways with its giant tentacles, finding toys stuck in trees and being a frankly spectacular Christmas tree. When the octopus disappears one day everyone is very sad – until it returns with an excellent surprise for everyone!

Peter Bently’s wonderfully crafted rhyming story is brilliant to read aloud, with a bouncy rhythm and hilarious vocabulary which will delight small listeners and is sure to become a regular favourite. It’s such an absurd notion that a giant octopus would arrive on a roof for no reason (and become so useful), but that’s the joy of this book, coupled with Steven Lenton’s colourful, characterful illustration – we really feel like we know Mrs Antrobus with her big hair curlers and slippers, and her diverse and friendly community – and the octopus itself, of course. It’s both a cosy and silly read, perfect for bedtime and any other time of the day when a story is needed.

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