Norton and Alpha

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Norton the robot loves collecting things. From rusty cogs to broken springs, he finds a use for everything and creates the most amazing inventions. He even makes himself a friend, a dog named Alpha, who is particularly good at sniffing out exciting objects and delving into unreachable places.

One day, Alpha discovers a flower. Taking it home to his workshop, Norton oils it, plugs it in and x-rays it. Despite his best efforts, he cannot find a purpose for the mysterious object, so tosses it outside and forgets about it. After a couple of days of rain and sunshine, the two robots are amazed to discover what has happened to the flower, and Norton realises that things don't always have to be useful to make someone happy.

This charming tale about appreciating the wonder of nature is accompanied by gorgeous atmospheric illustrations, which bring the endearing characters to life.

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