No Place for Monsters

Publisher: Chicken House

Something strange is happening in the suburban town of Cowslip Grove: children are disappearing in the dead of night and no one seems to notice they’ve gone. Levi is frantic when his little sister Twila goes missing, but their mum has lost all memory of ever having a younger daughter. Only Levi and his classmate Kat seem immune to the collective amnesia that has gripped the town. Determined to find Twila and the other missing children, the pair team up to investigate. As they embark on a perilous mission into the unknown, they encounter a terrifying assortment of monsters and villains.

The relationship between shy, anxious Levi and loud, boisterous Kat is hugely entertaining. Despite their differences, they develop a close bond, based on trust, loyalty and courage, demonstrating that friendships can be forged in the most unusual circumstances.

This creepy tale is full of suspense, imagination and humour, and is sure to have readers checking beneath their beds before they go to sleep. Generously illustrated with suitably chilling black-and-white line drawings, the creative settings and characters are superbly brought to life, and the sinister creatures which lurk among the shadows are the stuff of nightmares.

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