Nellie Choc-Ice Penguin Explorer

Publisher: Little Gems

Nellie Choc-Ice, an adventurous little penguin, finds herself in a spot of bother when a submarine causes her iceberg to break off and drift away from her home and family. After a lucky escape from a nasty seagull, she eventually finds ice and snow again. Sadly, she has drifted far from home and encounters a hungry polar bear and sly fox. But Nellie has a fighting spirit and with a little help from friends, she is soon homeward bound again.

This pocket-sized book packs a punch full of energy and wit. With only six chapters and an easy-to-read and accessible format, this book is especially good for those who are new to chapter books or need a little extra support. The cute illustrations by Jamie Smith make the characters loveable, but this isn’t a picture book for younger children – the content is really aimed at over 5s.

The conversational tone will delight children and makes this a great option to read-aloud, too. There are facts about penguins woven into the story, making this the perfect book for budding little naturalists who will also love finding the puzzles tucked away in the flaps of the book cover.

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