Nabil Steals a Penguin

Publisher: Nosy Crow

On a family holiday in France Nabil spends his last day at the zoo, where the young boy meets Pierre, a charming and very hungry penguin who is tired of eating fish every day. 

After sampling some of Nabil’s lunch (delicious biriyani), Pierre decides he needs more of Nabil’s mum’s flavoursome food. He bids farewell to his pals and dives into Nabil’s rucksack, much to Nabil’s surprise. Now he has to spend the whole journey back home keeping his waddling friend hidden from everyone – especially his family. With all the honking and bouncing around, he’s not an easy bird to hide. Thankfully, when he’s finally discovered by Nabil’s parents they’re happy to make him part of the family and Pierre discovers his new favourite dish – curry!

This hilarious debut picture book from Nishani Reed is brimming with personality. Featuring the utterly loveable French penguin Pierre, young readers will delight at the bird’s clumsy nature and his strong desire for Asian cuisine. The energetic illustrations are full of emotion and expression and marry well with Reed’s fun rhyming text. 

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