Saving Mr Hoot

Publisher: Alison Green Books

A beautiful owl lives in the old beech tree outside Ben's house. Before bedtime, Ben talks to him, and the owl always hoots back. Ben calls him Mr Hoot.

For some reason, Ben’s Mum and Dad and the other grown-ups never seem to notice Mr Hoot, not even when he swoops down and swipes one of Ben’s mittens during an evening walk.

When Ben discovers that Mr Hoot’s tree is to be chopped down, he starts to worry about his feathered friend and all the other creatures who live in the old beech tree. He tries to tell the grown-ups, but they still don’t believe him. Will Ben have enough time to help save Mr Hoot’s home?

Filled with warmth and charm, this precious story brilliantly captures how in touch with nature children often are and will inspire little ones to love and protect their local wildlife. Children – and adults – will love the surprise ending and joining in with the hooting, as Ben and Mr Hoot call to one another!

With cute watercolour illustrations in Helen Stephens’s distinctively nostalgic style, the picture book showcases a diverse community – including Ben’s own dual-heritage family.

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