My Pet Goldfish

Publisher: Walker

A little boy has been given his first ever pet – a shimmering goldfish who he names Richard. The pair quickly bond; the child tells Richard about his day, and in turn, the curious fish bobs around and follows his human friend’s finger along the fish tank glass.

One day the young narrator’s neighbour, Sandy, comes to visit Richard. Sandy is a bit of a goldfish expert and is eager to share all he knows about caring for them: Did you know that goldfish nap with their eyes open? Or that they can let you know they're hungry by swimming up and blowing bubbles? Sandy’s garden pond is filled with goldfish of all shapes and jewel-like colours. The young boy is mesmerised by all the fish and surprised to see that some are much bigger (and older) than Richard.

As the years go by, the little fish grows and grows. But what will happen when Richard gets too big for his tank?

This is a simple, sweet story where the artwork really stands out. Award-winning author-illustrator Catherine Rayner has created gorgeously mesmerising and lifelike fish that shimmer in their watery world. Each spread is so beautifully detailed, littles ones, and grown-ups will linger on every page to soak everything up.

Not just a visual delight, the book is full of fishy facts - some funny, some fascinating - making this a perfect choice for first-time owners. For those with inspired to care for a goldfish of their own will find a list of things they will need, plus additional handy care tips, in the back matter.

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