My Must-Have Mum

Publisher: Lantana

Jake's mum is different from most other mums: she loves to collect things that have been thrown away and transform them into something else entirely. From a bendy bike or a broken bath to traffic cones and treacle tins, she tinkers and tailors until she has created new objects which are useful, beautiful or exciting. She even plants a wildflower garden in a rusty old truck, which they keep out the back, as it is too big to carry to their flat on the 14th floor.

Jake is proud of his remarkable mum and marvels at her creativity. However, when grumpy Mr Price comments that she won't be happy until she has changed everything in the world, Jake starts to worry. What if his mum wants to change him too?

There is so much to enjoy in this charming, inclusive picture book, which beautifully celebrates diversity, acceptance and unconditional love. The bond between Jake and his mother, who happens to be a wheelchair user, is utterly heart-warming. Dynamic illustrations combine energetic drawings with vibrant pops of colour to produce images which are full of exciting details to explore.

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