My Big Mouth

Publisher: Macmillan

It’s the last half term of Year 6 and Jay has a book report to write. But then Dad disappears: no goodbye, no note, no explanation of any kind. Just not there on Monday morning.

Back at school, Jay is first up to present his book report and... Guess what? That’s right, he hasn’t done it. But too ashamed to admit the truth, he opens his mouth to find a very cool story pouring out. He knows it’s cool because everyone tells him so and he likes the feeling of being Mr Popular.

As Jay makes up more stories, he becomes more cool and worries less about his dad –until the stress of keeping up his new façade becomes overwhelming and Jay questions whether being thought cool is really as cool as he expected.

Although it deals with some difficult issues, these are sensitively handled and Jay’s story is also a funny and entertaining cautionary tale.

Written in an easy, chatty style, My Big Mouth draws readers into a conversation about what Jay does and why, occasionally giving them small tasks to do and offering opportunities to have a tea break every so often.

Absorbing, accessible and thought-provoking.

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