Move and Play: I Want to be a Duck

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Sometimes, a book comes along that you didn’t know you wanted - until you read it and realise how perfect it is. Move and Play: I Want to be a Duck is that book.

If your little one has ever wanted to be a duck – or likes to quack at ducks when you see them in the park – then this is the book for them. Frankly, even if your child has never expressed any interest in ducks, then this is still well worth a read and play. Full of interactivity, I Want to be a Duck suggests eight different ways that you can mimic ducky antics, from bobbing in water to waddling, splashing and paddling, not to mention quacking. It also gives readers some simple facts about ducks along the way, like the fact that ducks eat plants, insects and little fish, and that ducks have webbed feet to help them to swim.

Perhaps best of all is that this little picture book also includes a duck mask in the inside cover, meaning that little ones can act out all their ducky activities with panache.

A fun and bright early picture book with fun things to learn and plenty of play opportunity. Perfect!

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