More Would You Rather...

Publisher: Penguin

Would you rather serve a meal to a very polite rat or a very bad-mannered cat? Be punched by a bad-tempered baby or pushed over by a badger? Just a couple of the vital questions that are posed in this long-awaited sequel to John Burningham’s original Would You Rather, which was published in 1978.

The text is so funny and will stimulate great conversations with children of all ages. The illustrations are also stunningly beautiful, each one telling its own little tale. Look carefully at the expressions of the characters, particularly wonderful is the eagle stealing all the clothes.

This is the perfect book to read a child to sleep with as it ends with a particularly snuggly bed. It’s a book that keeps on giving and giving, potentially leading to a childhood-long game for adults and children to share that starts with questions posed in the book and moves on to your own invented dilemmas.

A truly sublime book that was published just before the death of the author and illustrator, who won the BookTrust Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 alongside his wife, Helen Oxenbury.

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