Avocado Baby

Publisher: Red Fox Picture Books

In these days of smashed avocado on toast and guacamole with everything, the premise of Avocado Baby doesn't seem too far-fetched. But there must have been extra giggles when the book first came out – in 1982 – that such a random and exotic fruit was the star of the show.

For Mr and Mrs Hargreaves' new baby is the fussy kind and doesn't seem to want to eat anything. This is a worry, since EVERYONE in the Hargreaves' household is fairly 'weak' and useless.

However, when the baby discovers the mushy delights of the avocado pear, it unleashes an appetite they never knew was there. And with every avocado, the baby grows bigger and stronger – in fact, a lot bigger and stronger than anyone could have guessed...

There's no real takeaway message, here – Avocado Baby is just a total joy. Its surreal, off-kilter humour will have parents and children chuckling with delight: from the baby chasing away a burglar to fighting off a gang of bullies. This is all tied together beautifully by the simple ink and watercolour drawings, which bring out the baby's hilarious expressions. And look out for the endpapers...

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