Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting

Publisher: Firefly

Max has a unique gift - he can transform into a monster upon burping and switch back by sneezing! But his night-time mischief makes the local paper, and a firm telling-off by his dad encourages him to change his ways. He decides he wants to do good and with his cat, Frankenstein, he fights off thieves stealing school charity funds.

Meanwhile, a snooping boy called Peregrine suspects Max is hiding the monster and invents a machine to capture him. As the boys try to outwit each other, Max spots an odd creature lurking around - could it be another monster? He needs to find this real public menace pronto!

Monster Max and the Bobble Hat of Forgetting has mystery, adventure, and is very, very funny. Beautiful illustrations capture the warmth of a story that many will curl up and devour in an afternoon. 

The easy flow of this story make it a good choice for newly independent readers but there’s lots of playful, varied vocabulary to stretch every child’s comprehension and imagination. Also, there are great morals to ponder: ‘always be yourself, even if it is tough’.

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