McTavish Goes Wild

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

The Peachey family have a rescue dog called McTavish – but little do they know that McTavish is pretty sure he's there to rescue THEM. In fact, McTavish is trying to train them all to stop squabbling and dithering.

So when the family decide to go camping, McTavish is very pleased. Not only does this mean that he can tag along on holiday too, but he'll get the chance to put his plans into action and bring the family closer together.

McTavish Goes Wild is the second of the McTavish adventures, but you don't need to have read the first to get swept up in it. The Peachey family is very well drawn – each member has their little quirks and peculiarities: Pa Peachey sees danger everywhere; the oldest daughter, Ava, is always buried in a philosophy book...

All these details add up to a gentle and knowing humour and an affectionate portrait of a modern family with different interests. The gorgeous illustrations by Grace Easton also give the text a lovely dash of whimsy.

Beyond all this is a rallying call for nature and (mindfully) exploring the joys of the countryside, no matter your age. Be warned, though: your kids may beg you to take them camping after this one!

The book is in a super-readable layout and typeface.

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