Good Dog McTavish

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Ma Peachey has quit. Fed up of tidying up after everybody, cooking dinner every night and being a general dogsbody, she’s given up being a mum and taken up yoga instead, sending the Peachey family into disarray. Betty’s solution? Adopt a rescue dog.

When fluffy pooch McTavish moves in, he finds the family in quite a pickle. But not to worry because McTavish has a plan… Several plans in fact. It’s hard work adopting new humans, but with a few clever techniques, he’s sure he’ll have them retrained in no time at all.

This brilliantly charming and heartwarming short novel is full of spark, keen observations and sly humour. Every character is brought perfectly to life, from grumpy dad to practical Betty and the can-do McTavish. A dyslexia-friendly story with widespread appeal, but beware: it will make you want to adopt a McTavish of your own.

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