Publisher: Walker Books

The three cheeky little monkeys sitting high in the trees have been told specifically NOT to go down to the mango tree because there are fierce tigers about.

But the monkeys love mangoes and the more they think about them, the more they convince themselves that maybe it will be fine just to go and look at the yummy fruit. And then maybe it will be OK to get just a little closer or maybe even snatch that small mango from the nearest branch?

What the monkeys haven’t seen are the sneaky, fierce tigers cleverly hiding in the undergrowth, lying in wait…

This cautionary tale about pushing boundaries strikes a perfect balance between indulging in naughtiness and listening to wise advice from your elders. There is a genuine sense of peril as the distracted monkeys fail to spot the camouflaged tigers and then have to escape the snapping jaws that are literally just behind them.

The unique art style lends the cheeky monkeys a mischievous character as they egg one another on to more and more daring activities. Layers of colour also add depth to the forest backdrop.

Be prepared for squeals of delight and shouts of ‘They’re behind you!’

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