Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Luna lives on the moon. Her father is a Moon Miner, searching for valuable minerals, and Luna is happy helping him in his work. Until the day they are out doing test drilling and get caught in a terrible storm. 

Being on the moon, this isn’t any average storm: it’s not raining hailstones, it’s raining meteorites.  

As the full aftermath of the storm becomes clear, Luna finds herself stranded and alone. Without a rescue mission she will be dead in a few days. Does she have the knowledge, ingenuity, courage and determination to get out a distress message and stay alive until help arrives?  

With a great mix of science fiction and science fact, this nail-biting race-against-time is presented in an accessible format with black and white illustrations. 

Readers will pick up lots of cool facts about life on the moon as well as practical uses for Newton’s three laws of motion.  

If you want to find out why you need to wear a space suit, what would happen if you took it off (among other things, your blood would boil!) and how you go to the toilet whilst wearing one, read this thrilling adventure story and find out. 

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