Calling the Whales

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Calling the Whales is a most charming tale of what happens when Tulsi and her best friend Satchen find a young humpback whale in the sea close to their Scottish island home. The whale is way too close to the shoreit’s trapped and it’s stranded. Tulsi and Satchen are incredibly brave in what they do next to save the whale, although they take some huge risks and put themselves in serious danger 

This book is a thrilling adventure with a really strong environmental message about the threat to whales from boats, fishing ropes and lines and noise pollution, and there’s more information in the back of the book.  

As a Barrington Stoke book, this is perfect for dyslexic readers, with lots of blank space on each page, a special dyslexia-friendly font and thick paper so that the text and artwork don’t show through the page. This ultimately is a very powerful and quick to read adventure story 

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