Luna Loves Christmas

Publisher: Andersen

Luna absolutely loves Christmas. She loves that sometimes she spends it at Mum’s house, and sometimes at Dad’s. She gets to decorate two trees, open two advent calendars and feast on two Christmas dinners. This Christmas is a little different though. As she and Mum look at their holiday schedule, Mum explains that they’ll be doing some volunteering this year. 

First, Luna helps Mummy deliver food bank packages to neighbours in need. They take a box to the McKenzie family before climbing up twelve flights of stairs to get to the Sandhus’ flat where they’re greeted by carollers. The next stop is to a small cottage outside of town where Old Ms Pothers lives. They go inside and Ms Pothers reads Luna a story by the fire.  

Then it’s off to Dad’s house for the night to bake cookies, hang up stockings and prepare a little snack for Santa. In the morning, Dad and Luna open gifts together before getting dressed in their best Christmassy outfits. They arrive at the town hall for a special community meal. Mum’s there too, serving dinner for everyone and even her grandparents have come to help.  

This wholesome book celebrates giving back to the community and normalises different family Christmas experiences. As with all the Luna Loves books, the story doesn’t delve too much into the state of the relationship between Luna’s parents, but it gently indicates that they are separated.  

The illustrations from Fiona Lumbers throughout the book are festive, beautifully captivating and detailed.  

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