Lulu's Sleepover

Publisher: Alanna Max

Lulu is getting ready for her first ever sleepover. She’s going to be spending the night at her cousin Hani’s house, but first she needs to pack. Pyjamas, spare clothes, books and her favourite soft toys all go in the suitcase. She’s ready! At Hani’s house the cousins build, paint, play, dress up and even watch a film before bedtime. When it’s time for bed they snuggle up for stories before they fall asleep. In the morning, after trying a new breakfast dish, Daddy returns to collect Lulu with a big hug. Lulu has absolutely loved her first sleepover and can’t wait for when it’s Hani’s turn to stay at her house.

Spending the night away from home may be a little daunting for some children. Full of warmth and family love, the story focuses on the fun activities and joyful new experiences of a sleepover, making it perfect for a little one gearing up for their first sleepover with a relative or friend.

The story is told in simple language, making this a great read for toddlers and also for emerging readers to start working through. Beardshaw’s beautifully detailed artwork helps to lifts the story while conveying all the wonder and joy of Lulu’s new experiences.

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