Lulu Gets A Cat

Publisher: Alanna Max

Lulu loves cats. She would love to have one of her own but Mummy says it will be a lot of hard work to look after a pet. Lulu gets some more information about looking after cats and practises with her toys. Mummy agrees that Lulu can look after a cat and they adopt a kitten from the cat shelter. Lulu gets everything ready at home and is patient with her new pet and soon they are the best of friends.

This gentle story appears on the 2018 Recommended reading list from the Empathy Lab, and is endorsed by Cats Protection, National Cat Adoption Centre. Lulu is a very responsible and sweet little character, and this would be a great book to get for someone who is thinking of getting their own cat. The bright illustrations are colourful and clear, perfect for even the youngest readers and cat enthusiasts. The text is short and simple, and would be great for independent reading practice.

This book is part of the useful Lulu series from AlannaMax that covers all sorts of new experiences with Lulu and her little brother Zeki.

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