Publisher: Scallywag Press

Little Abigail’s not having a great day. Her teacher wants the class to concentrate on writing, but Abigail can’t stop fidgeting, fiddling, scribbling and giggling. She’s soon dispatched off to the Cooling Down room. People just don’t seem to know what else to do to help her, and in fact Abigail’s not even sure she knows herself.

Then Abigail meets music teacher Miss Butler and finds that she can express herself through singing. Abigail is surprised to discover that she actually loves writing – when it’s songwriting!

Although it’s implied that Abigail has ADHD, this is a book that will resonate with any child who’s ever found it tricky to do what is expected of them. Meanwhile, adults will pick up on the poignancy of such a young child already so resigned to feeling misunderstood. Thank goodness for Miss Butler, who breezes in like a calm and reassuring breath of fresh air, and finds out how to engage Abigail.

Well researched and beautifully delivered, with many casually inclusive elements, this a powerful reminder that behaviour often perceived as "challenging" may actually signify frustration and a need for empathy and support.

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