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Publisher: Alison Green books

Zog is a keen dragon at Dragon School who aims to be the best in his class and win a golden star. The story follows his attempts at learning to fly, roar and breathe fire, leading to a series of minor injuries for which a mysterious girl provides assorted bandages and plasters.

There are numerous twists in the tale; the girl turns out to be a princess whose ambition it is to be a doctor rather than wearing silly dresses and hiding in castles, and the knight who comes to rescue her would rather ‘wear a twisty stethoscope’ than armour.

The illustrations are as vivid, imaginative and amusing as you would expect from the illustrator of The Gruffalo, with subtle details that children and adults will love. The perfectly crafted rhyming text is ideal for reading aloud. And the ambitious princess is a great touch.

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