Look Both Ways

Publisher: Knights Of

Ten short stories about that strange time when school finishes and children of a certain age (usually around ten years old) get to walk home without adult supervision.

We have stories about lots of different kids in this collection. The Low Cuts are known and even feared in their school for taking all the pennies they can from anywhere or anyone they can (but, unlike other kids at school, readers of the story get to find out why). Then there are best friends tiny Kenzi and massive Simeon and the humorous romance of Gregory Pitts. All the kids are in the same year and sometimes there are little references to the same children and teachers, but each story stands alone.

The American setting of the ten blocks around Latimer Middle School is a bit different from what goes on in the UK but is instantly relatable with our diet of Wimpy Kid and US culture in general.

This is a book about the in-between moments in people’s lives that are sometimes the most important times – actually, where kids start to go from childhood to adulthood.

Jason Reynolds' writing is gripping, direct, exciting and incredibly readable for all different kinds of children, including those who don’t call themselves readers. The diverse representation in the book is especially welcome. It’s funny and moving and would be a great next read for children who love the Wayside School books by Louis Sachar. A great read!

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