Little Robin Red Vest

Publisher: Nosy Crow


Jan Fearnley’s tale of how Robin got his red breast is celebrating its 20 years' anniversary. With fresh artwork and a lovely hardback gift edition, this is a lovely Christmas present for picture book fans.

Little Robin has seven vests ready for the week before Christmas. Each day, he wears a different coloured vest, but each day on his walk he meets someone who is struggling to stay warm. Robin gives away all of his vests and on Christmas Eve he finds himself cold and alone. But Father Christmas knows all about Robin’s generosity, and rewards him with the most special vest of all.

This charming story is a real heart-warmer and has a lovely traditional vibe. It could become an annual family favourite and has an Aesop’s fable feel to it that makes it really memorable. The illustration is pretty and the uncluttered pages make it an accessible story for even younger readers, though the text is substantial enough for confident readers.

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