Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

Little Rabbit is bored. Her mother, brothers and sisters are all busy with their morning chores and don’t have time to play, so she hops off to find her grandfather, Big Rabbit, who recruits her as his assistant.

Little Rabbit is rather confused – she didn’t think Big Rabbit had a job, so why would he need an assistant? As the morning progresses, the rabbits visit Mole, Granny Hedgehog, Dormouse and Squirrel, who are all struggling with something that is making their lives difficult. By lunchtime, Little Rabbit is not only very hungry, but has learnt a lot more about her neighbours and about the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

An ideal story to bridge the gap between picture books and independent reading, Little Rabbit’s Big Surprise is beautifully presented as a small format hardback with glossy pages and full-colour illustrations on every page. The progression of the story is simple, with a recurring theme to aid understanding and reading development.

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