LISTIFIED! Britannica’s 300 lists that will blow your mind

Publisher: Britannica Books

Did you know that the estimated biting power of the Tyrannosaurus Rex was 57,000 newtons? It seems rather a lot, compared to the power of a large dog’s bite, which comes in at approximately 2,000 newtons. Or what about the fact that mushrooms are a prehistoric plant that appeared on earth about 800 million years ago? Or the crazy rule that anyone caught building an unauthorised sandcastle on the island of Majorca faces a 100 euro fine?

In this brilliant compendium of lists, you can find out all manner of amazing facts and rankings, from 15 features of the body that are unique to every human (DNA and fingerprints, but also the shape of your bottom when you sit down, the shape of your ears and the patterns of your tongue print), nine surprising things that have fallen out of the sky, ten everyday inventions that were originally created for space travel, and many, many more.

The listicle format is a great one to use to engage young readers, and the book’s brilliant design and illustration means it’s a really immersive, engaging reading experience while remaining clear and accessible. A perfect book for research or just dipping into to inspire some great “did you know?” conversations.

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