Lion and Mouse

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Lions and mice often find themselves stuck together in a story, but in this debut picture book, size is not the issue. Lion has got a seriously big ego: he thinks he’s the best, the funniest, the loudest and the bravest. All the while, his poor friend Mouse is feeling weaker, quieter and smaller than ever. Spending time with Lion is a disaster and to top it all off, Lion doesn’t even notice when Mouse decides he has had enough. But when Lion finds himself all alone in the dark he quickly realises that being a good friend is the most important thing to be the best at after all.

Catalina Echeverri’s stylish illustrations are clear and bright. The simple story told in straightforward language will be useful for reading practice, but younger children will also love hearing this story read aloud. There is dialogue to shout out (‘I can ROAR’) and whisper (‘Eek! I can only squeak’) which makes this book perfect for storytimes and classroom sessions. Cool colours and the exotic look of the characters, who are groovy in their dark sunglasses, add freshness to this familiar lesson.

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