Bubble and Squeak

Publisher: Orchard Books

Beautiful Bubble is the star of the circus. Her amazing bouquet balancing act ‘The Pyramid of Peril’ is the centrepiece of the show and the crowds adore her. She loves travelling with Mr Magnifico’s famous show, but life on the road can get quite lonely with no special friend to talk to.

Unknown to Bubble, a little mouse has been watching her from afar in awe of her amazing act. He is desperate to tell her how wonderful he thinks she is but when he is discovered by Mr Magnifico he is shooed from the circus and told quite firmly that elephants don’t like mice! Squeak is feeling pretty low, but when Bubble’s act is in trouble he can’t give up on her – the show must go on! Bubble’s biggest fan is surprisingly small but it turns out that a little mouse with a big heart is just what Bubble was looking for.

Two major figures in the children’s literature world come together on this loveable book. Bold colours, beautiful scenes and a gentle tale of unexpected friendship will make this an instant family favourite. Bubble and Squeak will be in high demand for repeat performances every night of the week.

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