Let's Go! On A Digger

Publisher: New Frontier

A little girl drives her digger around on a building site and moves mud from the site to a big truck, scooping the boom high into the air and digging a hole the size of a swimming pool! Sitting inside the cab, the little girl enjoys moving the joystick and pushes the drive rods forward to make the tank-like treads on the digger’s wheels move forward.

Let’s Go! On a Digger is a rhyming board book for toddlers that tells a little story – this time, about a girl experiencing the dream of many toddlers – getting to drive a big yellow digger! Parents of little ones obsessed with pointing out tractors, diggers and other vehicles will be delighted to share this board book with their toddlers, and learn a bit of digger jargon (boom, treads and drive rods, for instance) into the bargain. If your toddler isn’t into diggers, then the series also features ferries, trains, rockets, tractors and planes.

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