This Little Piggy

Publisher: Walker Books

One little piggy went to market, so the familiar rhyme goes – but two little piggies had a car but couldn’t park it. Three little piggies learned how to knit, and four little piggies… did their best to keep fit?! This isn’t how the rhyme goes, surely – yet these little piggies are having the time of their lives, so we probably shouldn’t hold it against them.

In this bright, fun counting book, pigs play bongos, eat potatoes, refuse to shower and do a fair amount of mud-swimming, which no-one could ever in good conscience want to stop them from doing anyway.

Jarvis’ cute yet anarchic illustration is perfect for toddlers who are still learning their 1-10s but maybe want a bit of fun along the way. The little blue bird who yikes! and whees! his way through the activities is a lovely addition that toddlers can look out for and make the noises too.

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