Let’s Chase Stars Together: Poems to Lose Yourself In

Publisher: Bloomsbury Education

Filled with poems about everyday life, finding yourself and fitting in, this collection is perfect to lose yourself in. Matt Goodfellow uses a variety of poetic forms to depict moments of emotion, moments of reflection and of humour and hope. With glimpses into school life, family life and time when you’re on your own, just being, this collection reflects a child’s thoughts as they grapple with, well, life.

Threaded through the collection is a series of poems about parents arguing, splitting up, Mum’s sadness, Dad trying to connect. These are sensitively written, and overall there is a sense of hope, of moving through towards the next stage of life, whether it’s Year 7 from Year 6, or Mum and Dad living apart.

The excellent illustrations by Oriol Vidal add depth to the world depicted. These poems would be great to read aloud and to use with a class of children who find it hard to express what they’re feeling.

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