Kòkú Àkànbí and the Heart of Midnight

Publisher: Orion

Although he spent the first three years of his life in Nigeria, Kòkú can’t remember much about it. He’s lived the last ten years in the UK with Uncle Tunji but has never quite fitted in and has the additional burden of an incurable disease that makes him small for his age and causes pain crises that blight his life.

When a museum trip ends in disaster, Uncle Tunji insists Kòkú spends his summer holidays reconnecting with his roots in Olori, the land of origins. But, on arriving in Nigeria, he is abruptly immersed in a culture he doesn’t understand and a tribal war that threatens his very existence.

It seems he is the only one who can rescue night, and its magical creatures, from the machinations of the ruling Ogun tribe. But how can one small, sick boy overcome such a powerful adversary?

The culture shockKòkú experiences is overwhelming and confusing, leaving his brain tied up in knots. This is reflected in the writing which may be challenging for some readers but those who persevere will be swept into a whirlwind of West African mythology and magic.

An action-packed adventure featuring a reluctant and unlikely hero.

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