Knight in Training: spots, stripes and zigzags

Knight in Training Book 4

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Sam longs to become a Truly Noble Knight, but must first complete a series of tasks, which are revealed to him on a magical scroll. Together with his brave companion, cousin Prunella, the young knight-in-training summons the next message on the ancient parchment, which instructs them to 'Go forth and earn thy knightly shield'.

Their quest leads them to Puddlewink Castle, where they encounter a ravenous moat-guarding monster called Dennis, masses of ancient cake, and some rather eccentric uncles. Will the eager adventurers be able to decipher the scroll's riddle, avoid being eaten by Dennis, and successfully find the shield - especially when fearsome Aunt Eglantine has banned all things knightly?

This is the fourth amusing tale in the exciting Knight in Training series. Ideal for young confident readers, the book is divided into chapters and accompanied by lively black-and-white illustrations.

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