Kitty Quest: Trial by Tentacle

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

As the only two members of the ancient Guild of Kitquaroo, brave warrior kittens Woolfrik and Perigold are the self-appointed guardians of Pawdor Islands, which they have sworn to protect from peril.

One sunny morning, as they happily forage for larger-than-life mushrooms in the woods, they are confronted by a two-headed, armoured beast, who refuses to let them cross the bridge. Thrilled at this unexpected monster encounter, they swiftly leap into action and resolve the issue in their unique, hilarious way.

Meanwhile, in the city of Meowminster, multiple monster-sightings are causing mass panic among the townsfolk. Further investigation reveals that an army of ferocious, tentacled sea creatures, known as Graspurts, are planning an invasion. It’s up to Woolfrik and Perigold to stop them, but the kittens are outsized and outnumbered. Can the contrary duo learn to work together to save their home from the hostile takeover?

Readers will chortle at the surreal antics and witty banter of the wacky characters in this off-the-wall, comic-strip caper, which is uproarious from start to finish. The graphic novel layout makes it accessible to a broad audience and each dynamic page bursts with vibrant colour and laugh-out-loud action.

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