Publisher: Walker Books

Judy and Peter are bored. Their parents have gone out and told them to keep the house tidy, so they go to the park where they find a mysterious board game, entitled Jumanji: A Jungle Adventure Game. Players must try to reach the city of Jumanji and the game won’t end until one of them gets there.

They start to play but each move on the board comes true! First, they are attacked by a lion, then the kitchen is destroyed by monkeys, monsoon rains fall in the living room and charging rhinos crush walls and furniture.Thankfully, before they are engulfed by molten lava, Judy wins the game and everything goes back to normal.

An intriguing and bizarre adventure that will appeal to older children, this award-winning picture book from acclaimed US author and illustrator Chris Van Allsburg was also the inspiration for a film and a TV series.

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