I Send You a Hug

Publisher: Puffin Books

Big Bear has to go away, but she reassures Little Bear that even when they’re not together, she can still send him big hugs full of love. He must look out for them. The hugs will be changed into birdsong, or waves on the sea, or sunshine or the scent of grass after rain. He can look for her hug in his favourite colour, in a warm blanket, in the sound of owls hooting. She will send him endless hugs, as endless as the love they have for each other.

This is a simply gorgeous book that perfectly describes the bond between an adult and child, whether a grandparent, other family member or close friend. It can be read as a text about death, or simply as about someone living far away. It will reassure young children that even when they can’t see someone, that someone is thinking of them and loving them all the while.

The soft, warm illustrations add beautiful details to Little Bear’s daily adventures, as he’s reminded of Big Bear and her love for him. All the senses are evoked, and there’s lots to discuss as he explores the world. This would be lovely to share with a young child.

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