How Winston Delivered Christmas

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

On Christmas Eve, an eight-year-old boy called Oliver posts his letter to Father Christmas in a postbox – or, he thinks he does, but for some reason, it misses the slot and gets lost in the snow.

A short time later, a mouse called Winston, scavenging for bits of food, finds Oliver’s letter. Being an unusually intelligent mouse who can read, Winston is alarmed to see that Oliver’s letter is addressed to Father Christmas. Bravely, Winston decides that he will take the letter to the North Pole so that its sender won’t be terribly disappointed when Christmas Day comes. It’s not an easy journey, but Winston finally makes it – and there’s an unexpected reward at the end of the story for him, too.

How Winston Delivered Christmas is a delightful book written in 24 and a half chapters that are designed to be read, one a day, from the 1st to 24th December, with the half chapter at the end to be read on Christmas Day.

Interspersed with Winston’s story are 24 Christmassy activities, from making party invitations to building a snow globe and a pom-pom robin to a creating a guide to random acts of kindness. A wonderful idea for Christmas.

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