Claire: Justice Ninja

Publisher: The Phoenix

Claire: Justice Ninja intends to right the world of wrongs. Fed up with people spitting their gum out on the street? The corrupt politician paving over the playground? Your mum eating all the pepperoni off the top of the pizza? Not to worry: Claire is on the case.

This fun graphic novel has 12 short stories for young readers to enjoy, featuring a young hero who doesn’t take no – or injustice – for an answer. Her superpowers are tenacity, determination and a belief in equality, and no crime is too big or too small for a Justice Ninja like Claire and her trusty apprentice Nigel.

The community setting is highly relatable, and many of the injustices are just the sort of thing readers may encounter themselves, such as littering or defacement of property. Claire likes to think outside the box, too: her plans don’t always work out the way she intends and her version of justice is sometimes skewed a little more towards "a taste of their own medicine" than you might see in a court of law. However, most importantly, she believes wholeheartedly in righting wrongs and making the world a little more even for everybody. 

Perfect for young activists and anyone looking for a short and satisfying read.

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