How To Train Your Dragon 5: How to Twist A Dragon’s Tale

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

It’s an unseasonably hot, muggy August day on the Isle of Belch, and Gobber Belch, the leader of the Pirate Training Programme has decided it’s a perfect day for a herding-reindeer-on-dragonback lesson. Hiccup and the rest of the trainees absolutely disagree, and would much rather be lying under a tree drinking cold water from a drinking horn, but Gobber won’t be persuaded.

What no one realises is that the heatwave is being caused by the volcano on Lava-Lout Island, which is ready to blow. Now Hiccup faces a terrifying Quest to Stop the Volcano Exploding, alongside his best friend Fishlegs and Humongously Hotshot, the ex-Hero. But Lava-Lout Island is full of Exterminator Dragons which, according to Hiccup’s grandfather, might cause the end of the world as they know it. Hiccup must battle the dragons and face his nemesis, Alvin the Treacherous, to restore the kingdom to normality.

The fifth in the hugely successful series is just as likely to get kids reading as the others – the humour, illustrations and fast-moving plot are fantastic even for reluctant readers.

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