How to Survive Anywhere

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Humans need four things to survive: food, water, shelter and warmth. This book is about more than these basics. It’s about understanding your environment and knowing how to stay fit and well. It’s about looking after the people you’re with and the place you’re visiting.

Divided into 12 different terrains, from polar ice caps to rainforests, mountains to desert, and even space, this incredibly practical book provides all the tips you might need to survive there. There are facts about the flora and fauna that survive there, plus true-life stories of indigenous people. And there are step-by-step instructions, with clear illustrations, to show you many essential skills, such as how to build a shelter, make a fire, find water, stay warm and even where to thump an attacking shark (eyes, nose or gills).

For those not in the wilderness, Lewill suggests ways to help the various environments, for instance not leaving litter, wearing coral-friendly sunscreen, supporting charities like Save the Rhino. Everyone can play a part in helping every part of our world survive.

Fascinating, brilliantly illustrated and very useful, this will engage all readers, from the bravest explorers to those happy to simply read about survival skills.

Mae angen pedwar peth ar fodau dynol i oroesi: bwyd, dŵr, lloches a chynhesrwydd. Mae’r llyfr hynod ymarferol hwn wedi’i rannu’n 12 tiriogaeth gwahanol, o gapanau iâ pegynol i fforestydd glaw a moroedd i ddiffeithdiroedd, ac mae’n rhoi awgrymiadau defnyddiol er goroesiad pob amgylchedd. Mae yna ffeithiau am y fflora a ffawna, yn ogystal â straeon go iawn am bobl frodorol. Ac mae yna gyfarwyddiadau fesul cam gyda darluniadau eglur i ddangos sgiliau hanfodol, fel sut i adeiladu lloches, dod o hyd i ddŵr, cadw’n gynnes a hyd yn oed lle i ddyrnu siarc sy’n ymosod.

Mae Lewill yn awgrymu ffyrdd i helpu’r amgylcheddau amrywiol hefyd, er enghraifft peidio â gadael sbwriel ar ôl.

Cyfareddol, wedi’i ddarlunio’n benigamp a defnyddiol iawn. 


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